Mobile's Taco Truck
All taco and quesadilla orders include sides of
chips, taco sauce and sour cream…extras .50 each

Grande soft Tacos
Topped with our smokin’ white sauce, shredded cheese,
lettuce, side of salsa

Chicken $4…two for $7.50
Smoked Brisket (side of bbq sauce) $5…two for $8.50
Veggie  $4…two for $7.50 ....refried beans and yellow rice base
Beef $4…two for $7 .50 (no white sauce...tell us if ya want it)
BBQ Chicken $4…two for $7.50

Queso soft Tacos
topped with warm white queso, lettuce, tomato and onion

Beef $5…two for $8.50
Chicken $5…two for $8.50
Veggie $5…two for $8.50
Smoked Brisket $5…two for $9 (with side of bbq sauce)

Philly Queso softTacos
topped with grilled (onions and bell peppers), warm white queso, side salsa

Beef $5…two for $8.50
Chicken $5…two for $8.50
Veggie $5…two for $8.50 ....refried beans and yellow rice base
Smoked Brisket(side of bbq sauce) $5…two for $9.50
triple-cheese blend with white chipotle sauce, grilled buttery
...with side of chips, sour cream and taco sauce

Chicken $8.50
Beef $8.50
Brisket $9.50
(with side of bbq sauce)
Taco Salads
Fresh organic spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese,
chips, sides of taco sauce and chipotle white dressing

Beef $8.50
Chicken $8.50
BBQ Chicken $8.50
Brisket $9
.50 (with side of bbq sauce)
Verde Wet Burritos
Giant burrito stuffed with cheese, smokin' sauce and your choice
below...smothered with verde sauce and white queso.   
Beef $8.50
Chicken $8.50
(rice, beans, and grilled peppers n' onions) $8
Smoked Brisket $9
Delux Nachos $6
tortilla chips covered with white queso, sprinkled with shredded cheese blend,
sour cream, guac and salsa

Beef Nachos $8.50
Chicken Nachos $8.50

cheesy refried beans  $1
yellow rice $1
Side of Guac    sm $1.5/ lg $2.5
Side of Queso   sm $1.5/ lg $2.5
Side of Salsa     sm $1 / lg $2

                            Daily special...ask about 'em
                                             ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX
                            Call-in lunch orders welcome